by Strangury

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released April 18, 2013




RoboTrash Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: The Mechanic
stuck inside the walls again.
wires talking about arson.
my chest is filled with valves.
when turned, they will spill out
puree liquid and murdered dreams.
shiftless brain thrown down the well.
infect the water with self-awareness.
the people populate the street.
carnivorous bastards with no mouths.
sanity's the elevator
and the cable just snapped.
Track Name: The Constructor
face caving in from every new sin.
all the explosions behind the eye lids.
the trees don't like it when you breathe.
inability to wash away the shame.
the machine hum steals every last thought.
the stars leak smoke and your skin is boiling water.
Track Name: The Receptionist
elephants with razor wire teeth.
chewing stone in burning buildings.
melting plastic and rusty fans.
black carpet swamp and festering daylight.
pile of limbs in the mirror
and the one responsible.